We work to hold traffickers accountable for their crimes. The Human Trafficking Legal Center, together with our pro bono attorney partners, fights for justice for trafficking survivors. With pro bono attorneys by their sides, trafficking survivors can reclaim their lives.

 Women Survivors

Women survivors of sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and domestic servitude make up 90% percent of HT Legal Center’s client population. They range in age from their early twenties to their late sixties. These survivors come from the Philippines, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, and the United States.

Criminal Restitution

Criminal restitution for trafficking victims is mandatory under U.S. federal law. Yet, courts order restitution in only 27% of cases.

Most labor trafficking cases are never prosecuted. HT Legal is leading innovative national efforts to use civil litigation to hold vicious traffickers accountable.

Child Sex Trafficking

The least likely trafficking victims in the U.S. to receive restitution are child sex trafficking victims.

Our Success

Since 2012, we have trained more than 3,600 attorneys at leading U.S. law firms and placed 280+ cases for free legal representation.

HT Legal and our pro bono partners have a 95% civil case success rate. Entire families can start life anew. Each victory emboldens more survivors. And traffickers face a powerful deterrent.


Faith* was trapped in the home of a prominent diplomat in an affluent Washington, D.C. suburb. She was forced to cook, clean, and care for the family around the clock. For the first few months, Faith was paid nothing. Later, she earned merely 50 cents per hour. Three years into her servitude Faith escaped with only the clothes on her back.

Faith went to the authorities to report the crimes. But, the U.S. government did not bring criminal charges against her vicious trafficker.

But she still wanted justice. Courageously, she decided to sue her trafficker in civil court. HT Legal introduced Faith to a team of talented pro bono lawyers. Our in-house attorneys provided step-by-step technical assistance to Faith’s pro bono lawyers throughout her complex legal process. 

“I have my peace, justice, freedom and now… I can raise my voice even higher than before with no fear.”

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

Ensure survivors have access to pro bono legal counsel.

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