2021 Volunteer of the Year

On My Side 2021 Honoree

Volunteer of the Year

Zach Bampton

Graduate Fellow, CASA in Jordan

The Volunteer of the Year Award honors an individual who has gone above and beyond to serve trafficking survivors in a volunteer capacity. Zach Bampton, a recent graduate of Princeton University, volunteered hundreds of hours over the course of the pandemic. His most important contribution was tutoring a trafficking survivor who hopes to pass the GED. In all, Zach spent 190 hours tutoring this survivor in math. In addition, he conducted extensive research for the organization, drafting an op ed, writing a memo on the current political situation in the home country of a trafficking survivor, and conducting research on goods made with prison labor in the United States. In all, Zach contributed 275 hours in volunteer services to the Human Trafficking Legal Center, more than any single volunteer in our 12-year history.

About the Honoree

Zach Bampton is a recent graduate from Princeton University and served as a volunteer at the Human Trafficking Legal Center between July 2020-August 2021. As a volunteer, he devoted nearly 200 hours to tutoring a trafficking survivor who was preparing for the GED. Zach found inspiration and friendship with his student, a trafficking survivor, that he will never forget. Following his time with the Human Trafficking Legal Center, Zach began a year abroad as a graduate fellow studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan.