Our Role

HT Legal is the only U.S. organization systematically training attorneys to pursue justice for trafficking survivors in civil courts.

We TRAIN skilled attorneys at top international law firms to represent courageous trafficking survivors.

We BRIDGE trafficking survivors and highly-skilled pro bono law firms.  Through the generosity of powerful law firms, trafficking survivors can secure justice.

We MENTOR survivors and their pro bono attorneys step-by-step throughout the lengthy legal process. These cases are often hard-fought battles.

We conduct cutting-edge RESEARCH. HT Legal has built a comprehensive human trafficking case database. We meticulously track landmark cases in real-time as they develop.

We collect raw legal filings from every federal criminal and civil trafficking case in the United StatesThese repositories are critical resources for our pro bono attorneys, who use our databases to research similar cases, draft complaints, and file motions.

HT Legal also leads groundbreaking research to expose the federal government’s failure to enforce mandatory criminal restitution for trafficking victims. Equipped with this data, we conduct outreach to federal prosecutors and victim advocates to fight for improved restitution outcomes for survivors.

We DRIVE lasting change through strategic litigation.