Tariff Act Sample Petitions

Sample Petitions

Previous Public Petitions

Country: Uzbekistan
Product: Cotton

Year Filed: 2013

Description: The Cotton Campaign, a coalition of labor and human rights NGOs, filed a petition to U.S. CBP requesting the agency prohibit importation of cotton grown and harvested with forced labor.

Country: Turkmenistan
Product: Cotton

Year Filed: 2016

Description: The Cotton Campaign filed a second Tariff Act petition in 2016 targeting importation of  all cotton lint, yarn, fabric, and other cotton goods produced with forced labor in Turkmenistan.

Update: In 2018, U.S. Customs issued a country-wide Withhold Release Order prohibiting the importation of all cotton from Turkmenistan.

Country: Malaysia
Product: Palm Oil 

Producer: FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV)
Year Filed: 2019

Description: A coalition of labor, environmental, and human rights NGOs, namely the Global Labor Justice – International Labor Rights Forum ( GLJ-ILRF), Rainforest Action Network, and Sum of Us, filed a petition to U.S. Customs seeking a ban on the importation of palm oil and palm oil products manufactured “wholly or in part” by forced labor in Malaysia.

Country: Côte d’Ivoire
Product: Cocoa 

Year Filed: 2020

Description: Corporate Accountability Lab (CAL) and International Rights Advocates (IRA) filed a petition on February 14, 2020, seeking a prohibition on the importation of Ivorian cocoa tainted with forced child labor. The petition requested that CBP issue a Withhold Release Order against all cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire if leading cocoa companies (named in the petition) failed to publicly release their supply chains within six months of filing the petition. 

Update: A month after the petition was filed, CBP sent a 25-part questionnaire to the named cocoa companies asking for maps with GPS coordinates for all their suppliers, corrective action plans for when child labor is identified, a list of all suppliers of imports into the United States from 2017-19, and audits by certification schemes.