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NBC News “U.S. cracks down on imported goods made by Uyghurs and other victims of forced labor” (9/6/2021)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Walworth County Fairgrounds at center of human trafficking investigation” (8/30/2021)

Florida Courier “It Takes a Village to End Human Trafficking” (8/27/2021)

South China Morning Post “Hi-tech tools may keep forced-labour goods out of US market as top brands brace for Xinjiang ban” (8/13/2021)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection “CBP’s Second Virtual Trade Week Focuses on Partnerships” (8/2/2021)

The World “US human trafficking report elicits anger from several countries” (7/8/2021)

Humanity United “Racism and the Anti-trafficking Movement: Survey Results and Personal Reflections” (6/15/2021)

The Progressive Magazine “Of Human Bondage” (6/14/2021)

The Freedom Fund “Laying Down the Law: Using Strategic Litigation to Tackle Modern Slavery” (5/27/2021)

The Human Trafficking Institute “Civil Litigation as a Tool to Combat Forced Labor in Global Supply Chains: A Douglass Fellow Advocacy Event” (5/4/2021)

Jones Day “Expanding Hospital Leadership in the Fight Against Human Trafficking” (3/30/2021)

Alliance for American Manufacturing “Forced Labor is Ubiquitous in Global Supply Chains. What Can We Do About It?” (3/18/2021)

Wiki Ezvid “5 Dedicated Groups Working to End Human Trafficking” (3/11/2021)

The Washington Post “Pakistani woman says Northern Virginia housekeeping job was labor trafficking” (2/21/2021)

Just Security “Nestlé & Cargill v. Doe Series: Shielding American Corporations from Liability Undermines the United States’ Moral Authority” (12/21/2020)

“Joint Statement on the Implications of U.S. Customs’ Unprecedented Detention Order Against Cotton from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC)” (12/21/2020)

Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking: The Podcast “Episode 4: Taking Back Control” (12/7/2020)

Thomson Reuters Foundation News “Opinion: U.S. Supreme Court in spotlight over child slavery case ” (12/4/2020)

The World (Podcast) “US Supreme Court hears case on child slavery in cocoa industry” (12/2/2020)

Let’s Talk Trafficking (Podcast) “The Legalities of Labor Trafficking” (11/28/2020)

War on the Rocks (Podcast) “Lost at Sea” (11/23/2020)

WilmerHale “WilmerHale Honored as Litigation Team of the Year by the Human Trafficking Legal Center” (11/19/2020)

Thomson Reuters Foundation News “Anti-trafficking groups urge Biden to focus on labor exploitation” (11/10/2020)

Yahoo News – Point of View “How QAnon is undermining the real global flight against human traffickers” (10/31/2020)

TIME “‘I Thought I Was Going to Die.’ How Donald Trump’s Immigration Agenda Set Back the Clock on Fighting Human Trafficking” (10/30/2020)

Medium “Freedom Needs Truth: An Open Letter to Candidates, the Media, Political Parties, and Policymakers” (10/21/2020)

Forbes “Congress Urged To Combat Human Trafficking of Foreign Workers Through Data Transparency” (09/22/2020)

The News & Observer “Lured to U.S. at 16, she sought visa for trafficking victims. Now she may be deported.”  (09/11/2020)

Thomson Reuters Foundation “Coming together to strengthen the anti-trafficking ecosystem in India” (09/09/2020)

The New York Times “Convicted of Sex Crimes, but With No Victims” (08/26/2020)

Human Trafficking Search “Is Freedom for India’s Children Only a Temporary Respite?” (08/25/2020) “Viral Chart Distorts Human Trafficking Statistics” (08/14/2020)

Good Faith Media “Opinion: U.S. Leads Fight in Human Trafficking – Or Does It?” (07/29/2020)

Emancipation Nation Podcast “Episode 54: At What Cost to Victims Should Traffickers be Brought to Justice and are For-Profit Prisons Engaged in Labor Trafficking?” (07/21/2020)

Emancipation Nation Podcast “Episode 53: When Survivors Have Lawyers, Survivors Have Rights” (07/14/2020)

Thomson Reuters Foundation “Shipment of Chinese hair goods seized by U.S. officials suspecting forced labor” (07/01/2020)

Thomson Reuters Foundation “U.S. criticized over top anti-trafficking ranking despite failings” (06/29/2020)

TheWorld (Podcast) “Advocates worry about Trump administration’s human trafficking report” (06/26/2020)

Forced Migration Review, June 2020 Issue “Civil litigation on behalf of trafficking survivors: a new approach to accountability?” (06/2020)

Thomson Reuters Foundation “OPINION: Underused and overlooked, trade remedies may stop forced labor” (06/19/2020)

Human Trafficking Search (HTS) “Domestic Workers, Forced Labor, and the Locked Doors of Covid-19” (05/19/2020)

Human Rights Watch “Over 180 Rights Groups Urge Trump Administration to Halt Border Expulsions, Protect Domestic Violence Survivors” (04/16/2020)

Thomson Reuters Foundation “Holding trafficking victims to testify makes lives worse – U.S. group” (04/16/2020)

VOA “US Group: Holding Trafficking Victims to Testify Makes Lives Worse” (04/16/2020)

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre “Withhold Release Orders, in Three Acts: Heralding A New Enforcement Era” (04/08/2020)

The Freedom Fund Guest Blog “Combating Forced Labor: Strategic Litigation and Trade Sanctions” (03/09/2020)

The New York Times Opinion “Trump Uses Kids Sold Into Sex Slavery to Score Political Points” (02/27/2020)

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre “Reading the Stevia Leaves: Early Clues to Federal Enforcement of the Ban on Imports Made with Forced Labour” (02/21/2020)

The New Republic “The Trump Administration Finally Broke the Anti-Trafficking Movement” (02/18/2020)

Forbes “Cracking the $150 Billion Business of Human Trafficking” (02/02/2020)

American Bar Association Journal “State laws provide for civil actions and other creative remedies for trafficking survivors” (02/01/2020)

EconoTimes “Ivanka Trump’s White House summit: Some anti-human-trafficking groups boycott event to protest administration’s policies” (01/31/2020)

The National Memo “Offended by Ivanka and Pence, Nonprofits Boycott Trafficking Conference” (01/30/2020)

The Hill “Trump to appoint official focused on human trafficking to White House domestic policy office: report” (01/30/2020)

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette “Trafficking foes to skip White House” (01/30/2020)

The Hill “Prominent anti-human trafficking organizations boycott White House event” (01/29/2020)

The Washington Post “Anti-human-trafficking groups refuse to attend Ivanka Trump’s White House summit” (01/29/2020)

American Bar Association – Labor and Employment FLASH “Time to Take Action Against Trafficking” (01/27/2020)

DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency ‘Off the Record’ (Podcast) “January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month” (1/22/2020)

VOA Our Voices (Podcast) “Behind Modern Slavery” (1/17/2020)

DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency ‘Off the Record’ (Podcast) “Exploited: Human Trafficking Awareness” (1/15/2020)

Human Trafficking Search (HTS) “The current Administration claims to want to fight human trafficking. But its policies undermine trafficking victims.” (1/14/2020)

USA Today “As Super Bowl nears, Miami hotels and Uber drivers undergo sex trafficking awareness training.” (1/10/2020)

The Arab American News “Former Moroccan ambassador to the U.S., two others charged with visa fraud.” (12/24/2019)

WilmerHale “WilmerHale Team Sets Standard for Liability in Human Trafficking Cases with Win for Victimized Client.” (12/13/2019)

Yabiladi (Morocco) “Months after the arrest of his ex-wife, a Morocco ex-diplomat charged with visa fraud in New York.” (12/14/2019)

Reuters “Morocco ex-diplomat to U.N. accused of visa fraud over workers.” (12/13/2019)

Thomson Reuter Foundation News “Morocco ex-diplomat to U.N. accused of visa fraud over workers.” (12/13/2019)

Winston & Strawn LLP, “Five Women Dedicated to Justice Lead Conversation on Human Trafficking.” (11/20/2019), “Human Trafficking Prosecutions Decline Under Trump Administration.” (09/09/2019)

Axios, “Efforts to combat human trafficking slow under Trump.” (09/07/2019)

Independent (UK), “Epstein death: Prosecutors could turn focus to Ghislaine Maxwell, ‘his protector who supplied him with three girls a day’.” (08/12/2019)

The Washington Post, “Epstein’s accusers call her his protector and procurer. Is Ghislaine Maxwell now prosecutors’ target?” (08/11/2019)

ABC News, “Vannak Prum Account of Modern Slavery and Escape.” (08/10/2019)

KTLA News 5, “Trump Makes 13 False Claims in Cabinet Meeting.” (07/16/2019)

World Politics Review, “How Trump is ‘Destroying Protections’ for Victims of Human Trafficking.” (07/02/2019)

The Dallas Morning News, “Sex traffickers ruin their victims’ lives – they should be made to pay to help rebuild them.” (06/30/2019)

The New Yorker Radio Hour, “The Trump Administration’s Plan to Deport Victims of Human Trafficking.” (06/21/2019)

Thomson Reuters Foundation, “In first, U.S. rebukes Malawian diplomats over trafficking case.” (06/20/2019)

Frontline, “A New Report Sheds Light on an International Rohingya Trafficking Network.” (04/05/2019)

The Washington Post, “The Trump administration’s crocodile tears on human trafficking.” (03/17/19)

Boston Globe, “‘It will be horrific’: How will women caught up in spa scheme move on?” (02/28/19)

CNN, “Trump’s border talking points sound like this movie.” (02/08/2019)

The Washington Post, “President Trump’s fantastical human trafficking claims.” (02/07/2019)

The New Yorker, “The Hypocrisy of Trump’s Anti-Trafficking Argument for a Border Wall.” (02/05/2019)

The Crime Report, “Labor Trafficking Survivor: ‘No One is Above the Law’.” (02/04/2019)

Bustle, “Statistics on human trafficking at the border pokes holes in Trump’s claims on ‘Face the Nation’.” (02/03/2019)

USA Today, “Trump says there’s a ‘good chance’ he’ll declare an emergency for border wall.” (02/01/19)

CNN, “Experts: Trump’s tape-bound women trafficking claim is misleading.” (01/27/2019)

The Star, “Trump’s tales about gagged women are misleading Americans about human trafficking, experts say.” (01/15/2019)

Thomson Reuters Foundation, “New rule puts U.S. trafficking victims at higher risk of deportation.” (11/29/2018)

The Washington Post, “Who has most to gain from Trump’s immigration policies? Private prisons.” (6/29/2018)

DipNote, “Speaking Up: One Woman’s Powerful Account of Human Trafficking.” (06/29/2018)

The Washington Post, “Human trafficking victim, forced to work 10 years for no pay, awarded $8 million by federal judge” (5/30/2018)

The New York Times, “Woman Trafficked by Cult Is Awarded $8 Million: They Took My Childhood” (5/25/2018)

The Atlantic, “Diplomats Are Getting Away With Abusing Their Children’s Nannies” (5/21/2018)

Frontline, “Why Labor Trafficking is So Hard to Track” (4/23/2018)

Namibian Sun, “Diplomats involved in slavery” (2/21/2018)

Springfield News-Leader, “Lawyers call case against Springfield massage parlors weak. Just wait, AG says” (2/18/2018)

Namibian Sun, “Calls to legalise sex work” (2/01/2018)

Reuters, “Train U.S. doctors and nurses to spot victims of modern slavery, say advocates” (11/21/2017)

,  “This Woman Says that She Was Trafficked by a Diplomat and It Happens All the Time” (7/24/2017)

NachtLaw, P.C.,  “Federal Judge Awards a Half-Million Dollar Judgment Against a Michigan Psychiatrist for His Involvement in Human Trafficking” (9/23/2016)

Ropes & Gray LLP,  “For Client Held as Unpaid, Live-In, Round-The-Clock Source of Domestic Labor, Ropes & Gray Reaches a Confidential Settlement” (9/23/2016)

The CNN Freedom Project, “Modern-day slaves are suing the traffickers” (1/8/2016)

The Center for Investigative Reporting, “Sex trafficker asked to pay up” (12/21/2015)

Christian Science Monitor, “On embassy row, a fraying veil of immunity for traffickers: Foreign missions in the US that abuse their domestic staff are being held to account” (12/21/2015)

Reuters, “Targeted prosecutions needed to end modern-day slavery scourge” (12/15/15)

Christian Science Monitor, “For Mexico’s migrant workers, a push for cross-border justice” (12/14/15)

Capital News Service,  “Human Trafficking Part 3: Most trafficking in the U.S. is not about sex work, but labor by immigrants” (8/4/2015)

The Valley Catholic, “Gilroy native Martina E. Vandenberg honored with SCU Award” (Volume 33, Number 18 • June 9, 2015)

The New York Times, “Human Rights Groups Press Obama on India” (1/24/2015)

Christian News Wire, “Judges’ Conference to Focus on Victim-centered Rather Than Criminal Approach to Human Trafficking” (1/22/2015)

Financial News & Daily Record, “Human trafficking victims need help from attorneys” (1/12/15)

Thomson Reuters Foundation, “Journalists grapple with complexities of covering slavery” (12/1/2014)

Diversity & the Bar, Lawyer’s Lantern” (November/December 2014)

Reuters, “Businesses are key to ending slavery and its $150 billion profit — campaigners” (11/19/2014)

ABA Journal, “Despite mandatory restitution law, courts rarely award trafficking victims lost wages, study finds” (9/30/2014)

National Law Journal, “Study: Human Trafficking Cases Rarely Result in Restitution” (9/30/2014)

Reuters, “U.S. courts deny trafficking victims lost wages: study” (9/30/2014)

MSNBC, Ronan Farrow Daily, “Call to Action: Human trafficking allegations inside the US”(7/11/2014)

The New York Times, “Life Sentences for Two Sex Traffickers Who Preyed on Mexican Immigrants” (6/15/2014)

White & Case/Social Responsibility, A voice for trafficking victims (2014)

National Geographic, Nigeria’s Schoolgirl Kidnappings Cast Light on Child Trafficking (5/15/2014)

The Daily Record, “Little progress seen in quest to end human trafficking in U.S.” (5/15/2014)

UCTV, “Human Trafficking: Ending the Myths, Confronting the Realities” (3/3/2014)

Jewish Woman, “Defining Heroes” (Spring 2014)

The Washington Post,  Op Ed “Diplomats who commit crimes shouldn’t get a free pass” (1/1/2014)

The Business Journals,Jenner & Block Named to National Law Journal’s 2013 Pro Bono Hot List” (1/14/2014)

The New York Times, “Claim Against Indian Diplomat Has Echoes of Previous Cases” (1/9/2014)

WNYC, NPR affiliate, ”Indictment for Indian Diplomat Accused of Exploitation” (1/9/2014)

The National Law Journal, “Pro Bono Hot List: Jenner & Block” (1/6/2014)

The Age, “Foreign diplomats accused of human trafficking, assault in US”  (12/31/2013)

AP, “Worker abuse by diplomats a problem, advocates say” (12/29/2013)

The Times of India, “Indians easy pickings for ‘trafficking’ visas by US” (12/28/2013)

CNN, The Lead With Jake Tapper Show, “Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate: ‘What India is Doing Here is Diplomatic Blackmail’” (12/19/2013)

CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, “Uproar Surrounds Indian Diplomats Arrest” (12/13/2013)

The Washington Post, “Prosecute D.C. officer for sex trafficking,” Letter to the Editor (12/17/2013)

Huffington Post,“What’s your Slavery Footprint? There’s an App for That” (12/11/2013)

Thomson Reuters Foundation, “What do trafficking survivors need to rebuild their lives?” (12/3/2013)

NPR, The Diane Rehm Show (10/3/2013)

The American Lawyer, “Global Legal Awards” (October 2013)

CNN, The Lead with Jake Tapper, “Domestic Slavery in our nation’s capital” (6/19/2013)

CNN Radio, Libby Lewis, “Diplomatic trafficking: the story the won’t go away” (6/19/2013)

The Washington Post,” Dana Milbank, “Obama’s ill-advised visit to Tanzania”  (6/9/2013)

The Washington Spectator, “New Case Turns Heat Up on Obama to Address Human Trafficking” (5/2/2013)

CBS Morning News,“Allegation of human trafficking at Saudi compound in DC” (5/2/2013)

The Washington Times, “Diplomats immune to charges of human trafficking” (12/13/12)